What must be let go off and what must we grab on to?

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What must be let go off and what must we grab on to? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today through some captivating examples!

Ravana had vast knowledge of spiritual texts. His ten heads represent the learning he had earned from the six Shastras and the four Vedas. But, he never put that knowledge to any use. He craved the possession of Prakriti (material objects), only; he wanted to master the world of matter, the objective world. He was a master of the material sciences. But, he was not tamed by the spirit. He discarded the Spirit, Purusha-Rama; he was content with the possession at Lanka, of Prakriti, represented by Sita. That was why he fell. Like the monkey which could not pull its hand out of the narrow-necked pot, because it first held in its grasp a handful of groundnuts which the pot contained, man too is suffering today, since he is unwilling to release his hold on the handful of pleasurable things he has grasped from the world. Man is led into the wrong belief that the accumulation of material possessions will endow him with joy and calm. But Divine Love (Prema) alone can give that everlasting joy. Prema alone will remove anger, envy and hatred!
– Divine Discourse, Feb 28, 1964.

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